Square Dance

Square dance is a folk dance that has its roots in the USA and
it came with the American occupying forces after world war II
to Germany.

               The basis of square dance (mainstream programm)
               consists of approx. 70 calls that derive from folk dances
               of many different countries.

                  At square dance four couples form a square.

                A so-called caller tells the dancers to the rhythm of music
                the calls and the dancers have to follow these instructions.

              The special thing; only the caller knows the sequence
              of the calls.

            Because all the calls have world-wide the same definitions
            and all calls are in English, you can take part of square
            dance events all over the world after you completed a
            mainstream class.

In a nut shell the most important facts about square dance:
*Square dance is separated in calls.
*The mainstream programm comprises approx. 70 calls.
*Four couples belong to a square. At the beginning of the dance they form a square.
*A caller sings or tells the calls to the dancer.
*The dancers know the calls, but not the sequence.
*The choreography will be determined by the caller.
*All kind of music is used for square dance.